Exclusive Distribution Agreement Signed for the BeadPro™ Multi-Bead Cart

 — Productivity Driver for OlyBond500 Canisters —

AGAWAM, Mass., March 2019 – OMG Roofing Products and BeadPro LLC, an affiliate of Pro-Fast, Inc., have signed an exclusive national distribution agreement for the BeadPro Multi-Bead Cart designed for use with canisters of OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesive.  The new OMG BeadPro Cart optimizes the process of applying insulation adhesives from pressurized canisters.  Under the terms of the agreement, OMG Roofing Products has a multi-year agreement to sell the cart throughout the United States.

OMG BeadPro Carts offer a stable platform for holding adhesive canisters and allows contractors to apply four adhesive beads spaced 12-inches on center, which is commonly specified for many adhesive applications. Contactors simply load the cart with the canisters, secure the hoses, and apply straight line beads of OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesives.

“The straight-line adhesive application that the OMG BeadPro Cart provides, not only improves adhesive coverage and efficiency, but also gives contractors the confidence that they will achieve the specified coverage rate,“ said Adam Cincotta, adhesives business unit leader for OMG Roofing Products.  “In addition, the cart eliminates the need for contractors to bring wagons, wheelbarrows and other similar equipment onto the roof when using OlyBond500 Canister adhesives.” 

OMG BeadPro Carts do not have pumps or other mechanical equipment that requires maintenance, and come with solid tires that won’t go flat.  In addition, each OMG BeadPro has a nozzle holder, hose hook for storage and a lifting ring for hoisting the cart to the roof easily. Disposable hose assemblies come with a secondary in-line static mixer for higher rise and better yield and connect directly to the trigger assembly supplied with the OlyBond500 Canister set. 

“We are excited to offer this new cart,” said Cincotta. “With the continuing labor shortage in the roofing industry, this provides a one-man solution for applying adhesives from canisters. Not only is it simple and easy-to-use, but based on the visibility and interest that the BeadPro Cart generated at the recent IRE Show in Nashville, we expect that it will be very successful in the market.”

               Headquartered in Agawam, Massachusetts, OMG Roofing Products is a leading global supplier of commercial roofing products including specialty fasteners, insulation adhesives, engineered edge metal systems, roof drains, solar anchors as well as productivity tools such as RhinoBond. The company’s focus is delivering products and services that improve contractor productivity and enhance roof system performance.  Please visit www.OMGBeadPro.com or call (800) 633-3800 for additional information.